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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lady Sparatans Kick Off The Season 2-0 Heading Into Princeton
RB vs. NCC(2-0) RB vs. Mercy(2-1) Record:2-0

I'm gonna say this before I start. I'm not a volleyball expert, but what I saw Monday was... The Varsity girls putting on a clinic. Either they were getting the lead early and running away with it or coming from behind and dominating. I've never seen a group so determined to win.

Well, let me rephrase that. I forgot that our volleyball program was one of the best in the State. And, I'm not telling you what's coming to our school in two years. (Inside Information) But what I saw Monday was great communication between the players. And excellent coaching. Calling timeouts when they needed it...and letting them play on just to get the feel of being under pressure at home.
But there was no sense of counting the Lady Spartans out. It took a loss in the second game against Mercy...,in which the Spartans battled hard, just for them to realize that it's not going to be easy to seal wins. I may be wrong, but in their only 'game' loss. They scored 13 of the final 19 points and in the deciding game it took a 9-2 run to put Mercy away for good. 25-22.

Twas a great start to the season. And I hope their tactics in the Fogarty transfers against Princeton Thursday @ Princeton.

I will talk to Assistant Coach Jessica Hoeh on the Skyline Hotline on Thursday about what she's looking forward to heading into the Princeton match.

Another Note: That student section was pretty poor. It got the job done, but it wouldn't hurt for another ten of you to show up. I know it's early in the year and the homework......- It can become a problem. But I saw a lot of Spartans out there doing their homework in Tommy J's(Fogarty). Find a couple of pennies...and take an hour of your time, with your books, to support our girls.

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