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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Championship Decade

The Championship Decade

4 State Titles - 1 Magical Decade

It stinks that we have to close this decade in a few weeks. If you have a favorite memory. Share it on The Blog.
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Boys Basketball: New Year, Same Team, Different Start.

(photo: The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger)

Exactly One Year Ago... December 22nd 2009.

Coach Neal sat in the Winton Woods locker room in disgust.
He wasn't furious.
Just confused.

The RB Basketball team just came off a loss against another, very talented, Winton Woods team..

-- Not the way we lost this year L 78 - 53 (2010)

It was actually close L 59 - 53 (2009)

The problem was getting off to a good start. -
RB struggled last year in winning the first quarter.
They also developed a bad habit.. - The habit of having to come from behind, just to get motivated to win a basketball game.

RB closed out the fall (3-3) -
RB then went on a 8 game winning streak after winter break (Jan 5th-Feb 29th 2010)
This year is TOTALLY DIFFERENT... - (besides the fact that Winton Woods kicked us in the teeth again)

1. RB is more disciplined with the ball. (not as careless.. not so much in a rush)
2. Role Playing isn't an issue
3. The 3 ball isn't forced up as much
2010-11 Starting Cast

There was a concern with this team about depth. - But Erik Edwards (Soph/F) and Brady Garner (Sr./G) are showing 'promise' game-to-game'.

Paul Byrd (Sr./G)- Last year, he waited 6 games until he had his coming out party against St. Xavier.
Now, Paul Byrd is willing to become a leader and he doesn't wait for Jared or JaBriel to get going.. before showing off. (Averaging 19pts, 5 rebs) 2nd in scoring in the GCL

Gavin Schumann (Sr./G)- His explosive speed and his incredible vertical destroys and rattles any chance for the opponent to get into transition. - - He's also taking better shots and is improving his average on a game by game basis.. -
Quote: "I'm trying to get First-Team GCL" -30th in GCL in scoring (moved 17 spots in 2 games)
JaBriel Coaston (Sr./PF)- Averaging 14pts and 8 rebounds. - Trying to stay healthy... is behind him.. His goal is staying consistent. - Through 5 games, He's had 3 games with 16+/10+ (pts/rebs) - 12th in the league in scoring, 2nd in the league in rebounds

Jared Bryant (Sr./C)- Still battling with staying heathly.. - But he's playing quality minutes.. - (after break there shouldn't be a worry or tear in sight)
Role Players:

Jake Westerfeld (Soph./F): Started all 5 games!!! - His title is Forward.. But he's played a lot of Center. He's plays with a ton of heart.. and enjoys holding down the fort before Coach Neal puts in the tank (Bryant)

Rashad Peterkin (Sr./G): Gives Paul a break from time to time.. He makes his free throws and he dishes out quality servings proportionally.

Brian Bien (Sr. G)/Dalen Wess (Jr. G) - Doing a great job of closing out the 4th. - There hasn't been any scares yet. - They have enjoyed proving the critics/media wrong -->DEPTH ISN'T A FACTOR.

---> Overall, we're looking better and better. - The offensive production is slightly low.. But projected to be in the high 60's .. early 70's by season's end.

RB is 5-1 (3-0) ()=GCL Play.
12/3/20107:30 PMvs. FinneytownW 74-42
12/7/20107:30 PMvs. Winton WoodsL 78-53
12/14/20107:30 PM@ Fenwick*W 47-38
12/17/20107:30 PMvs. McNicholas*W 63-47
12/21/20107:30 PM@ Carroll*W 47-40

Next 4 Matchups: (Freshman 4:30pm / JV6pm)
12/23/20107:30 PMvs. Newport CatholicW 49-42
12/28/20107:30 PM@ North College Hill
1/4/20117:30 PM@ Elder*
1/7/20117:30 PMvs. St. Xavier*

*= League Play

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Varsity Boys Basketball: Feels Just Like It Should!

Yes, The Jo Hudson (Jorian Hudson) Era is over. I really didn't want it to end. It was kinda sad to see one of the Top 40 players to ever play in the GCL.... leave. You didn't know? (offensively.. Yes.. Top 40... EVER.. add it up

But again, Trauma has been in and out of this program this past decade. And only 1 State Title to show for it.
I'm not saying that anyone did anything wrong.
- I'm gonna say this and move on. -
You can't mix Salt and Sugar and not throw in a bag of Popcorn (Kettle Corn).
You can't make Chili and only eat it bowl by bowl. You have to get a bag of chips or buy a pack of hot dogs and GO TO TOWN.
We have had great players that had to take on more than they could actually handle (Jorian Hudson, Ben Haarman, Lonnie Hayes) .. Which could cause chaos. -Mentally

What did we do right in 2001-02? - - Let's just say we didn't need everyone to do everything. - Puzzle Pieces were Marked -

I think we have this Now in 2010-11.

The $10,000 Questions Will Ultimately Be
1. Can this team stay healthy?
2. Will Depth Play A Factor?
3. Will roles be MORE defined?

There's no doubt that we have the best trio in the league (Byrd, Coaston, Bryant)
The $64,000 question will be
- Will Coach Neal form a creative dish? And what CHIPS AND WHAT DOGS WILL HE BUY TO MAKE OTHER DISHES? ------> "With 7 Seniors .. that had to literally go through you know where and back".

Part 2: 12/17 Noon
What have we learned through 3 games?
What is there to look forward to this season?
The Future of THE PROGRAM?
Rebuilding? - Alumni Deck? (Joking)

Warriors' Thomas sets tone against Spartans

Warriors' Thomas sets tone against Spartans

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Let You Mourn.. Now It's Time To Reminisce.. Happy Thoughts :)

Share you thoughts about the 2010 Football Regular Season:
Keep it clean ... lol
These postings are open to Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni... and if possible players/coaches
Email them to

Did you miss me? :)
Don't Cry

Examples: Remember Me: (through SJT)

I AM Tanner Sprong I broke a school record. I threw 24 touchdown passes.. and with my electrifying energy.. I brought RB to the playoffs in 2010.. AND SAVED THE CITY OF ST. BERNARD. I AM T-SPRONG.. I AM T-STRONG

I AM Mike Jackson - The Mike Jackson - I won GCL Co-Athlete of the Year. More than half of Tanner's td's were to me... and to cap it off... I blocked 2 punts for touchdowns. When you needed me on 3rd down.. When you needed me to bring it home... I was there. - I brought it everday.. I brought it every game.

I AM Griffin Mouty - I fight with heart... I run with passion... I ran for 1,000+ yards and 11 td's. I never feel the first tackle.. I run hard and leave my tears in the dust.. - I feel NO PAIN

-----> Those are examples of what I want to hear...
email them

It's That Time Again!!! - Boys Basketball Prepares The Table

Varsity Boys Basketball Preseason Schedule
(bold=home= Thomas J. Fogarty Center/Tommy J's/ THE HOT HOUSE)

10/13 vs LaSalle
10/17 @ Centerville 6:30pm
10/20 @ Princeton 10am
10/24 vs Aiken
10/26 @ Mason

Brian Bien Signs with Bowling Green State to Play Baseball

Bien is surrounded by parents, teammates and friends shortly after signing letter of intent in the Fogarty lobby.

Senior Brian Bien signed a letter of intent to play baseball for the Bowling Green State University Falcons, where he will major in business or sports management.

Bien is a middle infielder who models himself on former San Francisco Giant shortstop Omar Vizquel. As a junior Bien hit .430 and was a perfect 30 for 30 as a base stealer.

About playing for the Spartans, Bien said, “It’s been fun. The coaches are young so they can relate to us and they’re good teachers. I also liked playing with my friends.

Teammate Will Farrell said, “Brian is always positive and never quits. He’s a hard worker. Even though he’s a great fielder, he’s always working on fielding and taking extra infield practice.”

Coach Tim McCoy said, “Brian’s best attribute is his base running. On the bench he’s always studying the pitcher’s moves. He probably had more clean stand-up steals of third because he knows the pitcher so well.

Bowling Green has won the MAC title two out of the last three years, and Coach McCoy thinks Bien will easily make the transition to the college level of play.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mike Jackson stars in Spartans Thriller - Roger Bacon 26, Wyoming 21

Roger Bacon 26, Wyoming 21 <--- (click on link to read on

Roger Bacon advances to the Regional Semis in 26-21 win against Wyoming

by Jim Kalla (RB Football Head Statistician)

Roger Bacon scored on their first possession by driving 72 yards in 7 plays capped off by a 44 yard touchdown pass from Tanner Sprong to Mike Jackson but missed the PAT and the score was Roger Bacon 6 - Wyoming 0. On their 1st play of the 2nd quarter, Wyoming answered with their first touchdown (a 2 yard rush by Wyoming back, Tommy Campbell) and PAT by Joe Panos capping a 4 play - 51 yard drive making the score Roger Bacon 6 - Wyoming 7. Roger Bacon quickly answered with their second touchdown on a 10 yard touchdown pass from Tanner Sprong to Brian Bien after a 9 play - 71 yard drive and PAT by Nick Lindner making the score Roger Bacon 13 - Wyoming 7. With 32 seconds remaining in the first half, Wyoming's Michael Travers intercepted an errant RB pass at the RB 25 yard line and returned it to the RB 2 yard line. Wyoming back, Drew Perry scored on the next play and the score was Roger Bacon 13 - Wyoming 14 after a successful PAT kick by Wyoming's kicker, Joe Panos. The first half ended with the score Roger Bacon 13 - Wyoming 14.

Defenses took over in the 3rd quarter and only 2 first downs were made by the teams and the score remained Roger Bacon 13 - Wyoming 14 going into the 4th quarter. With 10:24 in the 4th quarter, Wyoming started a drive with an incomplete pass and then completed a 68 yard pass play from QB, Kyle Seyfried to Chris Campbellto the RB 3 yard line. On the next play, Wyoming back, Max Kadish, rushed for a 3 yard touchdown and with the successful kick PAT by Joe Panos the score was Roger Bacon 13 - Wyoming 21. On the following kick-off, Brian Bien returned the football 39 yards to the Wyoming 46 yard line. Eight plays later, RB quarterback, Tanner Sprong, passed 12 yards to Will Farrell for a touchdown. Roger Bacon failed to convert on a pass PAT attempt and the score was now Roger Bacon 19 - Wyoming 21. After the kickoff, Wyoming had the football at their own 17 yard line. Ten plays later Wyoming found themselves in a 4th down and 23 yards to go situation and punted the ball to the RB 35 yard line where Roger Bacon's Brian Bien made a fair catch of the ball with 2:16 left on the game clock. On the next play Roger Bacon QB Tanner Sprong made a lateral pass behind the line of scrimmage to WR Brian Bien who then passed the football downfield to his fellow wide receiver, Mike Jackson, for a 65 yard touchdown with 2:07 left on the game clock. After Nick Lindner's successful kick PAT, the score was Roger Bacon 26 - Wyoming 21. Wyoming took over the football after the kickoff on their own 28 yard line and in eight plays managed to get the ball to the Roger Bacon 22 yard line where they were faced with a 4th down and 2 yards to go situation. On the next play Wyoming QB, Kyle Seyfried, was sacked for an 8 yard loss by Roger Bacon linebacker, Ben Rose, and RB took over the ball with 5 seconds left in the game on their own 30 yard line. RB took a knee and the game ended with the final score Roger Bacon 26 - Wyoming 21.

With this win, Roger Bacon advances to the second round play in the 2010 Ohio High School Athletic Association Playoffs. Roger Bacon will play McNicholas on Saturday, November 13th, at a neutral site to be determined by the OHSAA. This location will be announced by the OHSAA tomorrow, Sunday - November 7th.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Emily Richmond Heads to State For a Third Time

Senior Emily Richmond has qualified for the state cross country meet for the third consecutive year. Richmond finished 13th at the regional meet. Congratulations to Junior Alex Mathis who finished his season at the regional meet.

Roger Bacon thrashes Purcell and clinches a HOME PLAYOFF GAME

Roger Bacon 44, Purcell Marian 6

One For The Books


The Huxel Family (l-r)
Coach Ben Huxel, Coach Kevin Huxel, Coach Terry Huxel
2010 Regular Season
8/27/20107:30 PM@ Mount HealthyW 20-30
9/3/20107:30 PMvs. Campbell CountyW 20-7
9/10/20107:30 PMvs. Western HillsW 52-21
9/17/20107:30 PMvs. Chaminade JulienneW 44-41
9/24/20107:30 PMvs. CarrollW 23-8
10/1/20107:30 PMvs. FenwickL 28-55
10/7/20107:05 PM@ McNicholasL 21-14
10/15/20107:30 PMvs. BadinW 18-8
10/22/20107:30 PM@ AlterL 28-10
10/29/20107:30 PM@ Purcell MarianW 44-6
11/6/20107:00 PM
vs. Wyoming

GCL Grey Central
Roger Bacon4-3.5711811677-3.700283215W1
Purcell Marian0-7.000542761-9.100123286L8
7-3 St Bernard Roger Bacon


9-1 Cincinnati Wyoming

Winner will play
The Winner of the Dayton Dunbar/McNick game


Senior Leadership


Tanner Sprong broke a 22 year school record by throwing 19 touchdowns this season
Griffin Mouty rushed for 1005 yards this season

All 2010 Regular Season Achievements

Most First Downs = 24 vs. Fenwick (10/01/2010) - beats records of 23 first downs in 1988 vs. CJ, in 2001 vs. McNick, and in 2007 vs. Northwest
Most Passes Completed = 24 vs. Fenwick (10/01/2010) - beats record of 21 completed passes vs. Grenhills in 1988 and vs. Sycamore in 1989
Most Opponents' Passes Intercepted = 4 vs. Purcell Marian (10/29/2010) - ties similar records of 4 interceptions vs. Norwood in 1949 and vs. CJ in 2005.

Most TD Passes Thrown = 19 - Tanner Sprong (2010) - beats old record of 18 set by Jeff Stofa in 1988.

Most Passes Completed = 24 vs. Fenwick (10/01/2010) - beats records of 21 completed passes by Jeff Stofa vs. Greenhills in 1988 and by S. Gilligan vs. Sycamore in 1989.

2010 Regular Season Statistical Leaders
()=GCL Ranking

Tanner Sprong-
Passed for 1694 yards (2nd), 19 td's (2nd), with a 57.9 completion percentage (3rd among QB's that had at least 100 completion attempts.

Griffin Mouty
Rushed for 1005 yards (6th) and 11 td's (T-5th)

Mike Jackson
25 receptions for 501 yards (6th), 20 yds per receptions (2nd among players with 20 or more receptions), 9 td's (2nd)
Brian Bien
34 receptions for 434 yards (9th), 4 td's
Will Farrell
31 receptions for 371 yards (10th), 5 td's (T-5th)
Griffin Mouty
23 receptions for 238 yards (21st)
Gus St. Clair
13 receptions for 180 yards (27th), 1 td's

Innocent Macha
5.5 Sacks (4th), 2 recovered fumbles
Kyle Koester
5.0 Sacks (T-5th)
Brian Bien
4 Interceptions (T-1st)
Ben Rose
3 Interceptions (T-2nd) - 2 forced fumbles, 3 recovered fumbles
Dalen Wess
2 Interceptions - 2 recovered fumbles
Mike Jackson -
3 blocked kicks - 2 punts (1 for a td, 1 assisted for a td), 1 PAT, 1 Interception, 1 fumble recovery
Joe Newton /Christian Davis/ Jordan Avery

2010 Place Kicker of the Year
Nick Linder
15th in the GCL in Scoring
Lead the GCL w/ 9 Made Field Goals
FG 9 for 9 100%, XP 32 of 35 - 91.4% - Longest FG 42 yards vs Carroll 9/24/10

RB vs Wyoming - TALE OF THE TAPE

Tanner Sprong vs Kyle Seyfried & Robert Gomez
RB-Tanner Sprong -19 passing touchdowns and 1694 yards
Wyoming- Kyle and Robert - combined 26 td and 1892 yards

Advantage- Sprong - Statistically had a better year than both of them while playing in a tougher conference

RB- The Mike Jackson Show, - Bien's ability to get open, Mr. All-Purpose (Farrell), and The Dark Horse Sleeper Pick (St. Clair)
Wyoming- 20 combined touchdowns, but mostly against Finneytown, Norwood, and Indian Hill, Deer Park (those 4 teams have 6 wins combined)

Advantage- RB - GCL Central DB's aren't cookies or cake-eaters.. - They eat wide-outs for lunch

Griffin Mouty vs Drew Perry
- 3 yards separate the two backs
- both have 11 touchdowns this season


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