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Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 8 & 9: "Role Play" Could Decide Another GCL Title

(Left-Paul Byrd Right- Rashad Peterkin) 23- Jordan/33-Bird(Role Reversal)

Coming towards the end of the season.. Expectations are getting high.
Role Play becomes a huge factor.. in every game.

1st quarter jitters are a thing of the past
Turnovers are dwindling
High Percentage Shots(layups) are winning ballgames
Points from the bench are coming from the unexpected.

Every game is different.... because the preparation is different for every team the Spartans face
Each one of these scenarios have worked or could possibly work.

Jorian & Jared score 20 points per game and the bench puts up 12-20. (almost happened)

Jared, Paul, JaBriel put up 12-15 a piece and the bench would put up 12-17. Jorian would have a mediocre night.( this has happened).

You could have Gavin go off for 9-12. Rashad/Adrian for 9 a piece.. Matt/A.J./Brian/Brady for 5 each .. and have Paul/Jared/Jorian/JaBriel sing "show tunes:.. and win a ballgame (The Next Purcell Game... but could have happened during the Carrol game)


We have seen a variety of dominant offensive performances by the squad this year.
You could put any opponent against the Spartans and they will have the blueprint to "have their way" with your defense..

If the Spartans can "hold their own" .. "study the script" and "execute".. They just might retain their GCL Grey Central Championship.. as early as Feb. 2nd..

But then again..... it could be Feb 5th ... (find out below)

Weeks 1-5 -- 6-3(3-1)
Weeks 6-7-- 9-3(5-1)
1/22/20107:30PM@ McNicholasW57-41

2 GCL Blowouts and a Tournament Shalacking

Week 8
1/26/20107:30 PMElderW 55-48
1/29/20107:30 PM@ BadinW 55-49
Week 9
Within the next 2 weeks(4 games) --
If Badin loses 3 games (including the RB matchup on Friday).. and if RB wins 3 games (including the Badin matchup(away).. Regardless of what happens after Feb 5th.... Roger Bacon would become GCL Champions.

if this doesn't happen..

We'll play this game(above) again in 2 weeks

Spartan GCL League Leaders

Jorian Hudson 14.7 ppg (T-4th), 2.9 asts (T-13th)
Jared Bryant 14.7 ppg (T-4th), 8.1 rebs (2nd), 2.1 blks (1st), 71.4 fg % (1st)
Jabriel Coaston 10.3 ppg(21st), 6.8 rebs (5th)

GCL Grey Central Standings

Roger Bacon 5 - 1 .83360.048.59 - 3 .75062.553.4W6
Badin 3 - 4 .42950.655.78 - 5 .61554.048.8W1
McNicholas 2 - 5 .28646.354.35 - 6 .45546.749.8L1
Purcell Marian 0 - 7 .00043.767.43 - 9 .25049.364.5L5

RB has 8 GCL games left
Badin has 7 GCL games left

Monday, January 11, 2010

Back from the Break w/ the Foot off the Brake.

Weeks 1-4 -- 3-3(1-1)
12/8/20097:30 PMMount Healthy W 72-43
12/11/20097:30 PM@ LaSalle L 67-51
12/12/20099:00 PM@ Scott County L 76-68
12/18/20097:30 PM@ Purcell Marian W 75-49
12/19/20097:30 PMShroder Paideia W 84-70
12/22/20097:30 PM@ Winton Woods L 59-53
Week 5 -- 6-3(3-1)
1/5/20107:30 PM@ St. Xavier W50-49
1/8/20107:30 PMBadin W64-53
1/9/20106:00 PM@ Word of God (NC) W58-57

@St. Xavier

Coming off a loss to Winton Woods during the Christmas Break(L 59-53), The Spartans had to prepare for an intense GCL Matchup against St. Xavier.


Coming off 3 wins during the Christmas break, The Bombers were itching to get back on their home floor.

So you had two teams desperate to play another game.

With the score mostly tied through the first half, St. X came out the gate in the 3rd quarter hungry... but not even Alex Longi(X-Guard) and Luke Massa's(X-Forward) 33 combined points couldn't stop the Spartans... It came down to a late, go-ahead 3-pointer in the 4th quarter from Paul Byrd(Junior Guard) to seal the win for Roger Bacon(W 50-49).

Leading Scorers:
Paul Byrd- 18 points, 3 rebounds
Jorian Hudson- 11 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists
Jared Bryant- 8 points, 6 rebounds

Badin @ Home

After being on the road for 2 weeks, the Spartans finally were back home.. And they were pumped to play the GCL Scoring Leader, Scott Purcell. But that didn't phase the Spartans one bit.
Both teams were playing for the out-right GCL Grey Central Division lead.

This was Badin's third real test after losing to Chaminade-Julienne 3 nights before.

Coming into the matchup, the Badin Rams only had the record advantage(6-2) and Scott Purcell, and it ultimately seemed to be no match in the post.. when centers Jared Bryant(RB) and Colton Mehlman(Badin) squared off. Jared scored 19 points and 5 rebounds.. while holding Colton to 1 point.

Keeping Colton away from scoring was a huge factor because he averaged 11 points per game. With Jared successfully defending in the post... Roger Bacon won by 11(W 64-53)..

Leading Scorers:
JaBriel Coaston- 13 points, 7 rebounds
Paul Byrd- 19 points, 3 assists, 4 steals

Word Of God Christian Academy(Raleigh, NC) @ Lexington Catholic High School

Playing in their last out of state game of the year. The Spartans had to pack up, to play
in one of the top 10 toughest road games in program history.

Word Of God Christian Academy(W.O.G.C.A) had UK recruit CJ Leslie*. they also had a Finesse style offense like no other team 1000 miles away from Harlem, NY(maybe a few).
With the amount of missed layups, W.O.G.C.A came down with no intention of playing basketball. Their main focus was to impress John Wall & Coach Calipari(UK guard and coach)... and making 'Youtubable' highlights.

Roger Bacon lead for most of the game until the final minute... That's when Paul Byrd found courage to drive around a crowded 'paintjob'.. to make the go-ahead layup(58-57) with less than 20 ticks to go.

Both coaches called full time outs w/4.2 seconds to go.. that's when Jared Bryant made one of the top defensive plays in RB basketball history.. when he intercepted a pass in the paint to clinch "The Sweep" of a long week of basketball for the emotional and mentally drenched Spartans.

Leading Scorers:
Jorian Hudson- 18 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals
JaBriel Coaston- 13 points, 6 rebounds
Paul Byrd- 12 points, 6 rebounds
Jared Bryant- 12 points, 11 rebounds, 2 steals

Quotes of the week:
JaBriel Coaston(Junior Forward)-(Before the game) "Please don't over-hype Badin.. I mean.. What serious wins do they have?"
Coach Brian Neal- (After the Badin game)- "Maybe I should schedule tougher opponents" (with a grin)
Gavin Schumann(Junior Guard)- "Yeah, we did our homework... Youtube"

What To Look Forward To
Grey-Central Division Matchup against Carrol 2-6(0-3) Friday, January 15th @ Home 7:30pm
"Flyin to the Hoop" tournament vs. Cleveland Heights Sunday, Hanuary 17th @ 3pm (Click on image above the blog post... for more information)

Spartan GCL League Leaders(As of January 11th)
Jared Bryant- 1st in Feild Goal % (73.8), 6th in scoring (15.1 ppg), 2nd in rebounds (7.7), 4th in blocks (1.4)
Jorian Hudson- 9th in scoring (14 ppg), 16th in assists (2.6)
Jabriel Coaston- 21st in Field Goal % (50%) 22nd in scoring (10.3 ppg), 4th in rebounds (6.8)
Spartan Player of the Week
Paul Byrd, 25th in scoring in the GCL,
He had 2 game winning shots this week.
Week 5 numbers: 47 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists

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