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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Championship Decade

The Championship Decade

4 State Titles - 1 Magical Decade

It stinks that we have to close this decade in a few weeks. If you have a favorite memory. Share it on The Blog.
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Boys Basketball: New Year, Same Team, Different Start.

(photo: The Enquirer/Jeff Swinger)

Exactly One Year Ago... December 22nd 2009.

Coach Neal sat in the Winton Woods locker room in disgust.
He wasn't furious.
Just confused.

The RB Basketball team just came off a loss against another, very talented, Winton Woods team..

-- Not the way we lost this year L 78 - 53 (2010)

It was actually close L 59 - 53 (2009)

The problem was getting off to a good start. -
RB struggled last year in winning the first quarter.
They also developed a bad habit.. - The habit of having to come from behind, just to get motivated to win a basketball game.

RB closed out the fall (3-3) -
RB then went on a 8 game winning streak after winter break (Jan 5th-Feb 29th 2010)
This year is TOTALLY DIFFERENT... - (besides the fact that Winton Woods kicked us in the teeth again)

1. RB is more disciplined with the ball. (not as careless.. not so much in a rush)
2. Role Playing isn't an issue
3. The 3 ball isn't forced up as much
2010-11 Starting Cast

There was a concern with this team about depth. - But Erik Edwards (Soph/F) and Brady Garner (Sr./G) are showing 'promise' game-to-game'.

Paul Byrd (Sr./G)- Last year, he waited 6 games until he had his coming out party against St. Xavier.
Now, Paul Byrd is willing to become a leader and he doesn't wait for Jared or JaBriel to get going.. before showing off. (Averaging 19pts, 5 rebs) 2nd in scoring in the GCL

Gavin Schumann (Sr./G)- His explosive speed and his incredible vertical destroys and rattles any chance for the opponent to get into transition. - - He's also taking better shots and is improving his average on a game by game basis.. -
Quote: "I'm trying to get First-Team GCL" -30th in GCL in scoring (moved 17 spots in 2 games)
JaBriel Coaston (Sr./PF)- Averaging 14pts and 8 rebounds. - Trying to stay healthy... is behind him.. His goal is staying consistent. - Through 5 games, He's had 3 games with 16+/10+ (pts/rebs) - 12th in the league in scoring, 2nd in the league in rebounds

Jared Bryant (Sr./C)- Still battling with staying heathly.. - But he's playing quality minutes.. - (after break there shouldn't be a worry or tear in sight)
Role Players:

Jake Westerfeld (Soph./F): Started all 5 games!!! - His title is Forward.. But he's played a lot of Center. He's plays with a ton of heart.. and enjoys holding down the fort before Coach Neal puts in the tank (Bryant)

Rashad Peterkin (Sr./G): Gives Paul a break from time to time.. He makes his free throws and he dishes out quality servings proportionally.

Brian Bien (Sr. G)/Dalen Wess (Jr. G) - Doing a great job of closing out the 4th. - There hasn't been any scares yet. - They have enjoyed proving the critics/media wrong -->DEPTH ISN'T A FACTOR.

---> Overall, we're looking better and better. - The offensive production is slightly low.. But projected to be in the high 60's .. early 70's by season's end.

RB is 5-1 (3-0) ()=GCL Play.
12/3/20107:30 PMvs. FinneytownW 74-42
12/7/20107:30 PMvs. Winton WoodsL 78-53
12/14/20107:30 PM@ Fenwick*W 47-38
12/17/20107:30 PMvs. McNicholas*W 63-47
12/21/20107:30 PM@ Carroll*W 47-40

Next 4 Matchups: (Freshman 4:30pm / JV6pm)
12/23/20107:30 PMvs. Newport CatholicW 49-42
12/28/20107:30 PM@ North College Hill
1/4/20117:30 PM@ Elder*
1/7/20117:30 PMvs. St. Xavier*

*= League Play

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Varsity Boys Basketball: Feels Just Like It Should!

Yes, The Jo Hudson (Jorian Hudson) Era is over. I really didn't want it to end. It was kinda sad to see one of the Top 40 players to ever play in the GCL.... leave. You didn't know? (offensively.. Yes.. Top 40... EVER.. add it up

But again, Trauma has been in and out of this program this past decade. And only 1 State Title to show for it.
I'm not saying that anyone did anything wrong.
- I'm gonna say this and move on. -
You can't mix Salt and Sugar and not throw in a bag of Popcorn (Kettle Corn).
You can't make Chili and only eat it bowl by bowl. You have to get a bag of chips or buy a pack of hot dogs and GO TO TOWN.
We have had great players that had to take on more than they could actually handle (Jorian Hudson, Ben Haarman, Lonnie Hayes) .. Which could cause chaos. -Mentally

What did we do right in 2001-02? - - Let's just say we didn't need everyone to do everything. - Puzzle Pieces were Marked -

I think we have this Now in 2010-11.

The $10,000 Questions Will Ultimately Be
1. Can this team stay healthy?
2. Will Depth Play A Factor?
3. Will roles be MORE defined?

There's no doubt that we have the best trio in the league (Byrd, Coaston, Bryant)
The $64,000 question will be
- Will Coach Neal form a creative dish? And what CHIPS AND WHAT DOGS WILL HE BUY TO MAKE OTHER DISHES? ------> "With 7 Seniors .. that had to literally go through you know where and back".

Part 2: 12/17 Noon
What have we learned through 3 games?
What is there to look forward to this season?
The Future of THE PROGRAM?
Rebuilding? - Alumni Deck? (Joking)

Warriors' Thomas sets tone against Spartans

Warriors' Thomas sets tone against Spartans

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