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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Let You Mourn.. Now It's Time To Reminisce.. Happy Thoughts :)

Share you thoughts about the 2010 Football Regular Season:
Keep it clean ... lol
These postings are open to Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni... and if possible players/coaches
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Did you miss me? :)
Don't Cry

Examples: Remember Me: (through SJT)

I AM Tanner Sprong I broke a school record. I threw 24 touchdown passes.. and with my electrifying energy.. I brought RB to the playoffs in 2010.. AND SAVED THE CITY OF ST. BERNARD. I AM T-SPRONG.. I AM T-STRONG

I AM Mike Jackson - The Mike Jackson - I won GCL Co-Athlete of the Year. More than half of Tanner's td's were to me... and to cap it off... I blocked 2 punts for touchdowns. When you needed me on 3rd down.. When you needed me to bring it home... I was there. - I brought it everday.. I brought it every game.

I AM Griffin Mouty - I fight with heart... I run with passion... I ran for 1,000+ yards and 11 td's. I never feel the first tackle.. I run hard and leave my tears in the dust.. - I feel NO PAIN

-----> Those are examples of what I want to hear...
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