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Monday, September 21, 2009

Lady Spartans: Follow The Pecking Order

Week 4: Monday vs. Reading, Tuesday @ Fenwick, Thursday vs. Chaminade Julienne Saturday @ Oak Hills

I hope my facts are right.
Our Girls Varsity Volleyball team consists of 6 seniors, 7 juniors and a sophomorre

If we're looking this good at the start of this year.... I'm really excited about next season.

Let's give credit where credit is due.

Stephanie Gruenwald- 363 assists (according to Counting. That is impressive.

What's awesome is how our girls are clicking. We haven't had a start to the season like this since 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001. Yeah. You're getting the picture.

Has our rebuilding phase ended?
Have we reverted back to our dominant ways?
Cut The Questions!

These girls are very humbled................ just taking it one game at a time.
They don't want to be compared to the past. They just want to focus on the present.
--And Again.
Who are we judge? - Let's stick behind our girls every step of the way.
Let's be the 'support system' to achieve our goals.
As a Team and As a Community, We can reach our dreams!

This is a new generation of volleyball. As much as I want to dwell on the past... I can't! I have to move on and focus on the future for our Lady Spartans. You can too!

----- But we need a leader------
Where are we gonna find one?
The Schawe ERA ended a while ago.
Ryan Bedinghaus took over and he's become a Brave and Valiant Leader.
I like it when Alumni Step Up!, Stand Out!, And Take Action!
Along with Assistant Coach Jessica Hoeh.... This coaching duo has a bright future ahead of them.

Lady Spartans 10-4(3-0) -( )=GGCL
8/31/20096:00 PMNewport Catholic W 3-0
8/31/20098:00 PMMercy W 2-1
9/3/20097:00 PM@ Princeton W 3-0
9/8/20096:30 PM@ Seton L 1-3
9/10/20097:00 PMPurcell Marian W 3-0
9/12/20096:30 PM@ McAuley W 3-0
9/15/20096:30 PM@ McNicholas W 3-0
9/17/20096:30 PMBadin W 3-0

This Week:
9/21/20097:00 PMReading W3-0
9/22/20096:30 PM@ Fenwick L 1-3
9/24/20097:00 PMChaminade Julienne L 1-3
9/26/200910:00 AM@ Oak Hills L 0-2
9/26/200911:30 AM@ Colerain W 2-1
9/26/20092:00 PMCincinnati Christian W 2-0

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