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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


(L to R, front): Addie Pine, Andrea Loudin, Allison Lawlor.
(L to R, back): Jon Mathis, Ben Rumpke, David Luken, Michael Wurtzler, Greg Moeller, Andrew Kalvelage, Joey Hinnenkamp, Anthony Hemingway, Mr. David Dozer (coach), Dr. Paul Wittekind (coach).

by Paul Wittekind

On a bright and sunny Sunday, 27 June 2010, at the USA Underwater Hockey 2010 National Championships at the Dwight H. Hunter Municipal Pool in Gainesville, Florida, the Roger Bacon High School Underwater Hockey Varsity Team won a national title, finishing in first place in the "B" Division with an overall tournament record of nine wins, zero losses, and one tie.

On Sunday, Roger Bacon High School Varsity Team's record was three wins and zero losses.

The day began at 10:00 am with the Roger Bacon Varsity Team, seeded first in the B Division, playing against the 8th seed, the junior varsity team from Georgia Tech University. Roger Bacon won, 7 to 0.

At 12:20, Roger Bacon then faced the "B" Team from Washington DC. In round robin play on Saturday, these two teams had fought to a 2-2 tie. Today's game, however, would have a different outcome. Roger Bacon took the lead in the first half and never looked back, defeating Washington DC's "B" Team by a score of 3 to 0.

The championship game of the "B" Division was at 2:40 pm, and it was a rematch of a game from Saturday's round rob in play between the Roger Bacon Varsity Team and the University of Florida's "B" Team. In a slow game marred by many fouls called against both teams, Roger Bacon took advantage of a first half power play with a Gator sitting in the penalty box to score first and go up 1-0. Later in the first half, the University of Florida was called for a penalty which stopped an almost certain Roger Bacon goal from being scored, resulting in a penalty shot for Roger Bacon. Roger Bacon took advantage of the penalty shot and scored, now leading 2-0. Finally, Roger Bacon scored just before the end of the first half, going up 3-0.
The second half continued to see many penalties called on both teams, with Roger Bacon players Greg Moeller and Andrew Kalvelage spending time in the penalty box. In these power plays for the University of Florida, however, Roger Bacon stiffened its defense and kept UF out of the goal even while being down a man in the pool. Roger Bacon then scored its fourth and final goal as time expired. The game ended in a Roger Bacon victory with a final score of four to zero.

This victory gave Roger Bacon its third national title in the annual USA Underwater Hockey National Championships. Roger Bacon had previously won the "C" Division in the 2001 U.S. National Championships at San Jose State University and the "C" Division in the 2007 U.S. National Championships at the University of Minnesota.

The University of Florida's Varsity Team won the "A" Division in this year's national championships, defeating Los Angeles in the championship game in the elite "A" Division.

Meanwhile, also on Sunday, the Roger Bacon Junior Varsity Team had three more hard fought games, resulting in one Roger Bacon victory and two Roger Bacon losses.

8:50 am: The University of Florida's "B" Team defeated the Roger Bacon Junior Varsity Team by a score of 3 to 0.
10:35 am: The Swordfish of Georgia Tech University's Varsity Team defeated the Spartans of the Roger Bacon Junior Varsity Team by a score of seven to zero.
12:55 pm: The Roger Bacon Junior Varsity Team defeated the Georgia Tech University Junior Varsity Team by a score of seven to one. The Roger Bacon Junior Varsity Team finished the tournament in 7th place in the "B" Division with a record of two wins and eight losses.

Roger Bacon has the oldest high school underwater hockey team in the United States. The Roger Bacon "Spartans" have had tremendous success playing underwater hockey. In previous USA Underwater Hockey National Championships, the Roger Bacon Varsity Team has won two national titles, winning the "C" Division in 2001 in San Jose and the "C" Division in 2007 at the University of Minnesota.

Roger Bacon's head coach is Dr. Paul Wittekind, a member of the Roger Bacon High School faculty and the chair of the Social Studies department. Mr. David Dozer and Mr. Joe Gering are the team's assistant coaches. Dr. Wittekind came to Roger Bacon from The Ohio State University, where he and Mr. Dozer played on that school underwater hockey team.

(L to R, front): Mr. Wayne Specht (coach), Zach Lambert, Liz Fromhold, Rebecca Meisman, Dr. Paul Wittekind (coach).
(L to R, back): Alex Mathis, Kevin Anneken, Matt Burkert, Christopher Zamonska-Blake, Michelle Casey, Mr. David Dozer (coach)

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