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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wave Bye-Bye! Did You See Us? Too Late!

Anonymous Post:
Home Stretch of the season is approaching and our ladies are taking names. One-by-One. After an 8-1 start they unexpectedly experienced humility against Fenwick, CJ and Oak Hills. But they bounced back and won 4 straight matches.

The Lady Spartans are prepared to close the season on a good note. With 4 home games and 2 away games left in the year, they have proven why they've officially got your attention.
Not only in the GGCL..... Not just in Cincinnati, but in the STATE!
And if you have a problem with that.
-----------------------------------> Wave Bye-Bye Ladies. That's another name!
8/31/20096:00 PMNewport Catholic
8/31/20098:00 PMMercyW2-1
9/3/20097:00 PM@ PrincetonW3-0
9/8/20096:30 PM@ SetonL 3-1
9/10/20097:00 PMPurcell MarianW3-0
9/12/20096:30 PM@ McAuleyW3-0
9/15/20096:30 PM@ McNicholasW3-0
9/17/20096:30 PMBadinW3-0
9/21/20097:00 PMReadingW3-0
9/22/20096:30 PM@ FenwickL 1-3
9/24/20097:00 PMChaminade JulienneL 1-3
9/26/200910:00 AM@ Oak HillsL 2-0
9/26/200911:30 AM@ ColerainW 2-1
9/26/20092:00 PMCincinnati ChristianW2-0
9/29/20096:30 PM@ CarrollW3-0
10/1/20096:30 PMAlterW3-2

Home Stretch
6 matches--> 9 days! Find a Lady Spartan in the hallway and cheer her up! They're gonna need every ounce of support!
10/5/20097:00 PMWyomingW 3-0
10/6/20097:00 PM@ Purcell MarianW 3-0
10/8/20096:30 PMMcNicholasW 3-0
10/10/20096:00 PMIndian HillW 3-0
10/13/20096:30 PM@ BadinW 3-0
10/14/20096:30 PMMonroeT 0-0

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